carry on essentials 6 must have items every journey

Carry-On Essentials: 6 Must-Have Items for Every Journey

Traveling sometimes can make us forget what we need to bring in our carry-on as we are too concentrated in packing things in our check-in baggage.
Things needed in our carry-on is also as important as what we pack in our check-in baggage. However, what do we need to pack in our carry-on?

1. Make sure you bring the right size for carry-on.
⦁    The right size of bag is needed when bringing a carry-on. If you’ve got the wrong size, the airline will make you check-in your baggage.

2. Make sure to put all your toiletries in your carry-on.
⦁    You may never know when a layover can turn into a stopover. You might get delayed at such time you don’t have your toiletries to freshen you up.

3.  If you bring your toiletries, put them in 100mL size bottles.
⦁    You don’t want your toiletries ending up in your check-in baggage. Always remember that when bringing liquids or creams to the cabin, 100mL is only allowed. Don’t bring those big bottled ounces in the cabin because it’ll surely make its way in the cargo.

4. Bring some underwear and clothes in your carry-on.
⦁    Being in a delayed flight is not a nice situation to be in. Just in case it’ll take you hours in an airport, or maybe the airline makes you check in a hotel, you won’t have a problem using the same clothes, right?

5.  Bring some finger food.
⦁    You may never know when you’ll get hungry. So make sure to bring some bag of nuts or crackers in your carry-on.
6.  Don’t forget your power juice.

⦁    Yes, you might need some power for your gadgets. In order to avoid getting bored from waiting, bring some power bank for your gadgets or if not bring a book to read.