business travel made simple 5 tips

Business Travel Made Simple: 5 Tips for Smooth Trips

1. Invest in good bags.
⦁    Business travelling isn’t the same as travelling for vacations. It isn’t a walk in a park. If you buy the wrong bags, chances are you might end up losing your most important outfit because your bag accidentally opened while it’s being placed in cargo and you don’t want to lose clothes especially for that gala night with your boss, do you?

2. Don’t forget to pack by events.
⦁    Business travelling will entail you an ample amount of time and you may consume so much time if you were still thinking of what to wear on the day you need to close a deal. Make sure you consolidate your clothes according to the events you’ll be attending.

3. Bring comfortable shoes.
⦁    You might be walking and walking in business trips, checking a lot of things. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to prevent you from having aching feet from all the walking you’ll be doing.

4. Pack only ONE coat.
⦁    Coats are bulky when packed. It’s most advisable to bring only one coat to save space and weight.

5. Don’t forget to bring gifts.
⦁    You may never know who else you be meeting in your trip. Giving a small token from home is a good gesture. This shoes thoughtfulness to the people you work with like your clients your boss and everyone in your floor.