stay healthy traveling essential tips

Stay Healthy and Happy While Traveling: Essential Tips

It may so exciting to pack your bags and get into a plane, exploring another place. However due to the time difference and exhaustion in travelling, we may catch a little visitor’s virus in the place of our travel destination.
How can we stay healthy and avoid getting sick while travelling? Here are some tips:

1.    Drink lots of water.
    Travelling maybe too exciting to remember that we need to drink water. It is hard to get dehydrated especially while on the plane where pressure and air is different. Hydrate as much as you could.

2.    Mind your gut.
    It is not a surprise that digestive ailments are common when travelling. To be able prevent this, make sure that you eat lot of food with probiotics. Probiotics is your protection from any stomach flu you might get from drinking water you don’t know where it came from.

3.    Hydrate your skin.
    Don’t forget that flying makes your skin dry. Make sure to bring enough moisturizer for your face and body.

4.    Check the weather and climate of your destination.
    Before departing home, check the climate of your destination. The sun may be to harsh for you and might cause sunburn. Checking the climate will be able to make you bring the necessary products or clothing you need to keep your skin health.

5.    Sleep enough as you can.
    Being away from home maybe a challenge. Make sure you get enough rest and sleep while travelling. Lack of sleep lowers the immune system, making you prone to sickness. So don’t deprive yourself of sleep just because you’re too excited to roam around.
6.    Disinfect.
    Don’t forget to bring some antibacterial wipes and a small bottle of alcohol so that you will  be able to disinfect your hands while travelling.