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Travel on a Budget: 5 Strategies to Travel Cheap

If you like to travel a lot, this is really helpful to save money. Don’t let your dream destination make you broke. It does not mean you like to travel; you can’t get to save on it. So, here are some you can add to your travelling checklist in order to save:

1.    Free flights from a Travel Credit Card
You may probably know that some credit cards offer to sign up bonuses of 50,000 for both airline cards and a general rewards card. You can use this card to get free flights.

2.    Don’t forget to avail travel insurance
A travel insurance is your protection while you’re away from home. You might spend $100-$300 but the return if you lose your baggage or get sick in a foreign land will save you much more. You should think of your safety while traveling.

3.    Get an Unlimited Pocket Wifi
Internet data roaming may be expensive while you’re travelling. Make sure to secure an unlimited pocket wifi that is compatible in the country you’ll be visiting. It’s cheaper than turning on your mobile data.

4.    Avail tourist cards in advance
There are a lot of websites that offer a tourist cards in advance. Make sure to plan your every itinerary weeks before you’re scheduled departure to be able to cut costs for a lot more!

5.    Always bring a refillable water bottle
Don’t ditch your refillable water bottle. Bringing a water bottle can save you a lot as most airports and malls have water fountains. There’s nothing wrong drinking from a filtered water fountain than pay for a lot for bottled water.