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Packing Food Tips for Travelers

Do You Pack Food While Traveling?

Most of us have heard TSA agent shout all liquids higher/greater than 3 oz must be removed or are you afraid of bringing certain types of food that might not be in different countries.Hence, we end up purchasing food in the airport which tends to be overpriced and saying no to a hungry child, wife or your stomach can be sometimes difficult.

A sandwich, a soup, a slice of pizza for a single person may be inexpensive. This includes flights such as Miami to Austin which is over 1,100 miles long.That being said your most economical option would be to pack your own food. Not only do you save money but it can be the healthiest option.

Do keep in mind that if you are skeptical about bringing the food your bringing to a different country, just simply eat it all or discard it before you go through customs.Not doing so can result in being held at the airport much longer than desired or worst-case scenario being fined if you have committed this offense in the past.

Can you bring powder?

Powdered milk, protein, chocolate or even powdered coffee, just make sure that it’s tightly secured or safely stored so it doesn’t burst open in your bag. The last thing you want is to spend an entire day cleaning it.

Can you bring canned food?

Canned food can result in a gray area scenario. It must be under the 3oz liquid policy, and it’s really up to the TSA’s discretion whether or not to allow it.