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Efficiency at its Finest: How to Pack in 30 Minutes or Less

Have you experienced impromptu schedule of travel? This may not be ideal, but this happens especially when you needed to chase that deal or because your boss said to fly to this destination. Unexpected travelling happens and if this does how are you going to take care of your things?

Here are some tips to make you pack in less than 30 minutes:
1.    Choose the right bag or suitcase.
–    In choosing the right bag to bring will save you so much time in packing. You don’t need an expensive one. All you need is something that can keep you efficiently.
2.    Use packing cubes.
–    Packing cubes can really cut down your packing much less than you use to. Packing cubes keep you organized in the stuff you need to bring, and you can consolidate them depending on your daily schedule by color-coding them.
3.    Make a list of the essential things you need to bring.
–    Making a list of the most important things to bring is a must. Here are some of the essentials you will need.
    Toothbrush
    Mini toothpaste
    Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Paracetamol
    Travel-sized deodorant
    Any digestive medicine if you’re prone to stomach upsets
    Tampons (for females)
    Tweezers and razor
    Plasters/Band aids
    Worldwide plug adapter
    Phone cable/charger
4.    Pack extra underwear in you carry-on.
–    You may never know when you’ll need them.
5.    Only bring one pair of shoes.
–    Don’t attempt to bring 3 or 4 pairs of shoes because you won’t be wearing them all for sure (except if you’re travelling for fashion).
6.    Organize you clothes according to your events.
–    Planning every outfit for every event will not only save you time in packing but will also save you time while you’re travelling. 😉