travel safe essential safety tips for travelers

Stay Safe and Secure: Essential Tips for Travelers

Travelling should be stress-free as a lot of us mostly travel for leisure. However, according to CNBC, about 33% of victims of identity theft in 2016 reported that they experienced fraud while travelling.

It would be a very awful experience to have someone use your information while you are enjoying yourself in travel. So, here are tips to avoid getting into identity theft and fraud while you’re travelling:

1.    As much as possible, don’t use public internet.
⦁    Using the public WIFI may be so convenient but this is also a ground for hackers to get our information.

2.    Use password-protected apps on your phone.
⦁    It is very easy to get your information through your phone so make sure to install password-protection apps on your phone to avoid giving out your details.

3.    Bring what you only need.
⦁    Don’t bring too much money or unnecessary things you won’t be needing during your travel. If you can, use the personal safe in the hotel to make sure you won’t be losing money or your traveling docs.

4.    Make copies of important documents.
⦁    Make sure to make copies of your important documents like passport, birth certificate, airline tickets and travel insurance. This is just in case you lose your original travel documents.

5.    Keep an eye on you’re the back accounts and credit cards you use while traveling.
⦁    To keep your accounts against fraud and identity theft, make sure to monitor the accounts and cards you’ll be using while you’re on your travel. Your cards might get skimmed in ATM machines.

6.    Always have an emergency contact easily accessed.
⦁    Whether you memorize the number of your emergency contact or have it somewhere accessible, just make sure that you can easily contact this person just in case you run into an emergency.