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Discover Your Travel Persona: Exploring 7 Types of Travelers

People may have different reasons to travel. Some take it for leisure, others for business. But whatever the reason is, the journey is as important as its destination.
Have you ever thought what kind of traveler are you?  Check out our list:

1.    Backpackers
–    Are you the kind of person who love to explore and loves adventures? Most backpackers go for nature-tripping and look for new experiences like island-hopping.

2.    Photographers/Bloggers
–    If you’re kind of person who loves to document every move, you do when you’re traveling then you might be this kind of traveler. Take out your camera and pose away!

3.    Planner
–    If you love to travel around with good planning and according to set schedules, then this is you! Not only that, if you love traveling to any destination but with an organized way forward.

4.    Party-Goer
–    If you like to go to a place to explore the bars, concerts and music events, then this is you. Maybe visiting Ibiza, Amsterdam and as Vegas is your kind of destination?

5.    Holidaymakers
–    If you like to unwind and not bring any work to your travel, then this is you. Beaches and going on tours are probably the things on your to-do list.

6.    Businessman
–    If you travel mostly for travel, then this is what kind of traveler you are. Most business travelers don’t have time to explore the place as they are busy attending meetings.

7.    Weekenders
–    Are you the kind of person who just is on the run every weekend? Then this is you! Where are you next off to?

8.    Budget-Conscious Traveler
–    If you like to get discounts and freebies while traveling then this is you! How many coupons do you have?