essential pre trip checklist dont leave home

The Essential Pre-Trip Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Travelling may be quite exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for people especially if you are pressed for time. That is why it always best to prepare early.
Here are the important points on why we need to have a Pre-trip/Pre-travel checklist:

1.    Not forgetting important documents.
⦁    Documents when travelling is very essential. If you are travelling domestically, you will be needing just 1 ID. However, if you are travelling internationally, make sure that you have your travel documents with you such as passport, visa (if applicable) and birth certificate. This is really important to present to the immigration of your destination.

2.    Be ready of how you’ll be spending while travelling.
⦁    It is always important to know how you’ll be spending in a foreign country. It is needed to bring cash especially for airport fees and transportation. Make sure to also bring a credit card for emergency.

3.    Be ready to bring your medicines, vitamins and supplements.
⦁    Being in another foreign country, it will be hard to find for the medicines, vitamins and supplements you have been taking. Make sure to also bring a doctor’s prescription just in case the meds you’re taking has been questioned.

4.    Prepared in their language and culture.
⦁    Visiting a foreign land may be really overwhelming. To be able to converse in the basic way, you will need to prepare yourself by getting some basic language classes. There will be no harm in trying to understand the language of your destination, right?

5.    You will know the weight needed for the baggage.
⦁    It is always important to be prepared of the weight of your baggage and carry-on. Different airlines have different weight restrictions, so you need to add this in your checklist to avoid paying excess baggage fees.