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Invaluable Carry-On Items for Traveling: What to Pack

It is essential to bring a carry-on bag especially if you are going to travel a long-hauled flight.
A carry-on baggage is most efficient thing to have especially in unexpected delays for long-hauled flights or if you have limited check-in baggage allowance, then a carry-on bag is perfect!
What do you need to bring in your carry-on bag?

1.    Slippers/Fit-Flops

    Wearing shoes all day long is not comfortable especially if you are sitting for most hours. Let your feet breathe by bringing slippers in your carry-on. It will also be comfortable in these flops when you walk your way through the plane while in a very long flight.

2.    Absorbent Towel
    A towel is needed just in case you get delayed in a stopover and you won’t be able to check in the hotel. You will need to take a bath, won’t you?

3.    Extra few shirts
    Bring lightweight shirts just in case you will need to change during your flight.

4.    Underwear
    Don’t forget to bring a few pieces of underwear to be able to change just in case you need to. Also, don’t forget to bring some pairs of socks!

5.    Medicine and Supplements
    If you’re taking some medications and supplements, don’t forget to put them in your carry-on bag as well. You may get some delays and it would be best to have your meds around.

6.    Book
    Long-hauled flights can be really boring, and you might have watched every program in the in-flight program. Reading can be enjoyable at this time and make you less bored.

7.    Cables
    Make sure you won’t forget your gadgets’ cables. Most planes have a USB port already that let’s you easily charge your electronic devices. Your gadget can be your in-flight entertainment.