avoid common packing mistakes

Master the Art of Packing: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

When travelling, you don’t want to get a delay or get in trouble (when worse comes to worst!) just because you didn’t pack properly. Here are some tips to get you to pack rightly and avoid delays on the way to your destination.

1.    Always CHECK the weather.
⦁    Don’t leave without checking the destination’s weather. This will allow you to plan what you will be packing. If the weather is cold, then you can bring a coat and avoid from freezing!

2.    Using only ONE big suitcase.
⦁    Be sure to consolidate your things into 2 suitcases. After all, 2 bags are always allowed for check-in in any aircraft so take the advantage to sort out your things in to those two luggages.

3.    Don’t bring too many shoes
⦁    Make sure not bring too much shoes as it will only make your packing bulky. Bringing too much shoes will only make your baggage heavy. Also, make sure to wrap your shoes in a separate bag when packing. You don’t want your clothes dirty, would you?

4.    Make sure to bring essential medicines.
⦁    You are not sure if you can buy your medicines in your destination so make sure to bring your own meds. Med essentials would be meds for pain, for tummy ache, for allergies and all meds your doctor prescribed. Not only will you be able to avoid getting in to a foreign hospital, but you can also prevent sudden attacks in case you ate something you shouldn’t.

5.    Pack your liquids in a 100mL bottles.
⦁    Make sure to bring your shampoo and conditioner but put it in a 100mL bottle to prevent them from getting thrown out. Almost all airports allow 100mL liquid bottles on your hand carried luggage. This is mostly noted to travelers who will travel for days.

6.    Leave your blow-dryer.
⦁    It’s not the end of the world if you leave your blow-dyer. Don’t forget, most hotels have blow-dryers in their rooms so don’t bring another excess baggage you’ll not use.