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We are happy to introduce Roll Pal the first packing cube of its kind. Roll Pal has been inspired and designed by flight attendants. The idea behind Roll Pal was to simplify the traditional packing cube; hence we created one that does not use zippers or straps.


Roll Pal is our endeavor of one year of work; it was accomplished by creating multiple designs and getting feedback from daily travelers along with airline members. Their feedback has helped us create a packing cube that meets packing standards.

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The best part comes from the fact that Roll Pal does not use straps or zippers, therefore, packing and unpacking is extremely fast. In addition, clothing is stacked rather than individually rolled. You also don’t have to worry if one garment is longer or shorter than another in order to fit your packing cube, your entire clothing can be packed together.

What material does Roll Pal use?

Our packing cube uses 2 main fabrics.

  1. Soft elastic lycra that both holds and compress your clothing.
  2. Ripstop Nylon, which is both water and dust resistant. This fabric adds a layer of protection to your clothing when rolled.

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Roll Pal packing cube sizes

Our packing cubes come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. This in in correlation with packing cube sets in the market. Each size holds different amounts of clothing; to best compare the amounts we took medium size shirts made out of 100 percent cotton to test the max capacities.

However, most travelers in our surveys reported that they usually had 3 to 4 shirts only with 2-3 pair of pants or shorts. For short trips our packing cubes are perfect

  • The small packing cube held up to 5 shirts.
  • The medium packing cube holds up to 7 shirts
  • The large packing cube held up to 9 shirts

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Our research and surveys found that 1 in every 4 travelers had a mishap with their packing cubes. Zippers or straps broke during trips. In the worst cases zippers got caught in expensive clothing causing small unwanted tears.

Then there’s the new type compression cubes in the market which make use of double zippers to further compress clothing. These types of compression cube have been reported to have higher zipper incidents; this is due to the fact that there is more tension on the zipper when trying to compress your garments.

Vacuum Bags are alternative that travelers have reported to use. These rely on air being sucked out of the bag in order to compress clothing; however, they usually have small leaks that make them unusable. In addition, the biggest problem can be if airport security opens up any of the bags to check their content. Airport security doesn’t have vacuums to re-package them again; this can become a nightmare as your clothing may no longer fit in your luggage.

Dont ruin your clothing