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The Ultimate Packing Guide: How to Pack Like a Pro

Packing has been causing stress for a lot of people who just want to have a good time on their getaway. A lot of people think what to wear for the weather of their destination, what shoes to bring for a long walk and what beauty products or toiletries need to be brought especially if you have NO time to visit the local supermarket or department store.
Here’s a list of what to do for a smoother and faster packing:

1.    Sort out all the clothes you’ll be needing with the use of space bags.
⦁    It’s always best to sort the things you’ll be bringing for every event you’ll be attending in your vacation. This way, it will be easy to pull or take out when you need it.

2.    Choose the right garment you’ll bring.
⦁    When bringing clothes, it is better to bring cotton, knit and wool because these fabrics are wrinkle-free and it would be more efficient to pack clothes not needing to be ironed. Also, knit and wool are best for cold weather.

3.    Roll items and arrange them properly in the bag or suitcase.
⦁    Rolling items is more space-saving than stacking them folded in your bag. Somehow, it lessens the air of the clothes when it is rolled rather when it is folded.

4.    Put small items, like jewelry inside your shoes.
⦁    Make most out of the spaces you have especially the ones inside your shoes. You can put your rolled socks in it or even fragile things like sunglasses or phone charges.

5.    Don’t forget to place your shoes in a shoe bag.
⦁    Your shoes have been all around and it is best to pack your shoes in a bag to avoid getting your clothes dirty.

6.    Use travel bottles for your bathroom essentials.
⦁    This way you are sure you have your bath essentials and you won’t get questioned by bringing liquids. Most airlines allow 100ml bottles in your hand-carried luggage.

7.    Group same items and put them in a bag.
⦁    By this way, your lipsticks go all in one bag and it will be easier to pull out when needed.
8.    Make sure you have a bag for your dirty laundry.

⦁    Put your dirties in a bag to be able to avoid making your clean clothes dirty.

Now you know how to pack the best way, you’ll be surprised that you won’t be feeling stressed before your scheduled trip.