Space-Saving Tips in Packing

Getting space in our suitcases seems impossible knowing we need a lot of important stuff when we’re travelling. However, by packing your bags timely and properly, space in possible to achieve.

Here’s what to do to save some space in your bags.

1. Roll your clothes.
Rolling clothes tends to save so much space than folding. It makes your clothes wrinkle-free at the same time compresses the air so it’s easier to pack.

2. Organize your clothes according to your itinerary.
This is essential as if you do this, you’ll be avoiding packing unnecessary clothes and things you wouldn’t need on your trip.

3. Put your valuables in a double-layered plastic bag.
This is important especially when you’re bringing jewelry. It’s good not to get your necklaces tangled and your earrings missing pairs because you didn’t pack them properly.

4. Place your shoes in a packing cube or a shower cap.
You don’t want to ruin your clean clothes by putting your used shoes on top of them. Make sure to place them in a packing cube to maintain your clothes clean and fresh.

5. Pack your belts together with your shirts.
Belts should be packed together with your shirts in order to avoid misplacing them.

6. Wear the bulkiest clothing you have.
Wearing the bulk is indeed a smart move as it will save you so much space from your luggage and it will also save you the weight and avoid you from getting over baggage in the check-in counter.

7. Pack as earlier as possible.
This is a rule of thumb. In order to prevent forgetting important things you need.

8. Don’t underestimate your sunglass case.
Your sunglass case will save your charger and headset from getting tangled. Secure them inside that hard shell.