Secrets in Packing your Carry-On

Packing carry-on luggage seems not that important to a lot of people. Knowing what to bring in your carry-on is also important as what you’re packing in your check-in baggage.

Here are the secrets in what to bring in your carry-on:
Think about what shoes to bring first.
     Limit the number of shoes you bring. These take up the most space in your suitcase. A good way to make use of your shoe space is to bring flip-flops or flats, which take up zero space, a pair of boots/sneakers/walking shoes.
Use a packing cube.
    Packing cubes can get you a lot organized and it won’t be hard to find what you need as every packing cube has a size and can be labeled.
Wrap your expensive clothing in plastic.
    Just to make sure nothing won’t stain your expensive clothes, pack it in a plastic bag before putting it in your luggage.
Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit.
    You may never know when you’ll be going to the beach or swimming pool so make sure you always have your swimming gear with you.
Always have a portable first-aid kit with you.
    You may not know when emergency strikes so don’t forget to bring some first-aid products like band-aid, alcohol and Neosporin but keep the liquid in 100ml bottles.
If it doesn’t fit in the bag, wear it.
    This probably is a rule of thumb when it comes minimizing baggage weight. If you’re bringing a coat, wear it instead of putting it in your luggage.

Following this list will not only make your carry-on easy to bring but also this will give you less stress when you’re travelling.