secrets to packing light

Lighten Your Load: Secrets to Packing Light

There’s a lot to consider when travelling. From getting flights, seats and a place to stay, what to bring to your destination is always one of the things people have to think about. However, it doesn’t mean we need to bring our whole closet to where we’re going to, right? So what are the secrets to packing lightly?

1.    Make your color palette SIMPLE.
⦁    Always go for neutrals when it comes to packing as it is easy to mix and match. If you want to add a little color to the clothes you’re going to bring, add the color in your undershirt and keep a neutral cardigan or blazer.

2.    Pack only for ONE week.
⦁    If you’re travel is going to be 7 days or more, only bring clothes that will last for a week. This means you’ll have to do the laundry if you are longer than a week. Extra clothes will only lead to excess baggage and we know you don’t want that!

3.    Think of the number 2!
⦁    Only bring clothes via pairs (except your undergarments of course!). Bring only 2 pants and 2 shoes and focus more on mixing and matching shirts and socks with those!

4.    Use compression bags.
⦁    Compression bags can help you fit your essentials in your luggage making it less bulky and maximizing all the space you have!

5.    Wear bulky clothes.
⦁    If you need to bring a coat, wear it instead of packing it. This will give more space to important things you should bring instead of wasting space in your luggage.

6.    Roll your clothes instead of folding it.
⦁    Rolling your clothes is the most space-saving technique to pack. It not only saves so much space, it also lessens wrinkles.

Packing lightly means avoiding in paying excess baggage fees. Make sure you use these tips on your next travel!