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Happy Flight, Happy Traveler: 6 Tips for a Pleasant Journey

Travel can be really tiring and exhausting but if you are prepared enough then you will make your travels easier and enjoyable.

Let’s be honest, you can become weary from air traveling and so here’s a list of what to do to enjoy your air travels.


11)      Arrive 2-3 hours earlier.

Ø  Traveling may be unpredictable and lines in the check-in counter, immigration and customs can be very long. You don’t want to feel like you’re just being chased because you arrived 45 minutes before your flight.

2)      Do a web check-in.

Ø  If you can skip some lines, then try to skip the check-in counter and make a web check in. This will not only save you time but will also make your travel easier as you just need to drop off your baggages without any hassle.

3)      Make it A Carry-on.

Ø  If you have not that much to bring then make most out of a carry-on. You’ll be skipping a few lines because you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking in and making customs check a lot of your stuff.

4)      Bring materials to kill time.

Ø  It can be really be boring to travel especially if you’re scheduled for a long-hauled flight. Make sure to load movies in your gadgets and bring a book to read so that you won’t get bored as much.

5)      Don’t forget to bring snacks.

Ø  You will never know when you’ll run into a delay so don’t forget to bring snacks to prevent you from getting hungry.

6)      Bring an empty water bottle.

Ø  We all know we can’t bring liquids with more than 100ml in the cabin so make sure that you’ll not get thirsty by bringing an empty water bottle and filling it up in the airport drinking fountains.

Hope you’ll enjoy your next flight with these tips!