The Remedy to Your Packing Anxiety

Getting all ready for your travel might be a little exhausting and even more might cause you anxiety since you don’t know what to bring and what to wear with your 3, 5, 7 days or 1 month vacation (even if you’re an expert in travelling). Why? It is because not all the things you have in your house, you are able to bring with you in your destination.

Nevertheless, here is a guide to your packing jitters.
Make a checklist of the things you NEED. - Yes, bring ONLY what you need. Therefore, you need a checklist or a plan. Tip: Try mapping out your itinerary in order to track the clothes and things you’ll bringing.

Organize the clothes and pack them according to your event. – Once you have created your check list, it easy now to pack your clothes according to your event. It is easier to dress when your clothes are all ready to go.

Pack as early as you can. – Planning thoroughly is the key. Even though you have made your checklist, if you pack hours before your scheduled departure, there’s a tendency to forget things.

Use packing cubes or travel organizers. – Travel organizers are our friend. It makes packing easy and well-organized. Plus, you have an idea where you hid your toothbrush or your favorite undershirt. Also, you won’t be messing up the stuff you’ve packed as you look for the thing you need and you’ll be able to separate shoes and your clean clothes.

Place an extra shirt and toiletries in your carry-on. – You’ll never know when you’ll encounter a delay or an emergency layover. To be able to freshen up and clean have yourself clean, place extra shirts and toiletries (100ml bottles) in your hand carry bag. Don’t forget to include some underwear too.

With these tips, you’ll easily take away all your packing blues. The key is to plan everything way back, in order to avoid those jitters.