Here are some awesome tips and tricks you can use when travelling:

1.    When booking flights, use Incognito mode when using your browser. 
Travel websites detect your browser history and will try to make you add on as many add-ons as much as possible. So, if you just need to book flights, this will help you make unnecessary purchases.

2.    Choose the most appropriate bag for your travel.
Your travel bag is your most lovely friend as it will hold all the things you’ll need when you travel. Make sure that it can fit your things when you depart and things you’ve purchase while on your trip.

3.    When packing your clothes, roll them (except the thick and fluffy ones)
Rolling clothes can prevent your shirts from wrinkling. Don’t forget rolling also saves space.

4.    Use pill boxes to put jewelry.
Not only is this space saving, it can also prevent your earrings from missing the other pair.

5.    Place fabric dryer sheets in between your clothes.
This will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

6.     If you don’t have those travel-sized bottles, using a straw is perfect to put your liquids in. Just don’t forget to seal it properly.

7.    Use a washcloth to wrap your soap.
Is your soft wet and you don’t have a soap dish with cover? Using a drying cloth will take out the soap’s moisture and prevent it from getting into your clothes.

8.    Wrap your cords using a binder clip.
To prevent the cord from getting tangled, it’s best to wrap it in a binder clip.

9.    Use belts to keep collars in shape.
If you don’t want to ruin the collars of your shirt, roll up your belts and place them as a collar guide.

10.    Refill travel-sized containers instead to buying new products.