7 Signs You ‘ve Been Packing Your Suitcase Wrong

A lot of people think that when your scheduled to travel, the travel starts when you get in your vehicle and start the journey. Well, it starts when you start packing for the said travel.

People tend to take the packing part for granted and focus more on the travel itself. However, packing is the most essential part of traveling because if you consider your packed bags as a problem then the whole trip is messed up for sure. Still a lot of people make this part of the all wrong.

You pack an hour before your trip.
Rule of thumb, when packing for a trip even if it’s an impromptu one, don’t pack an hour before your trip. The reason? Tendency is you’ll forget a lot of things.
It’s not fine to cram in packing as it needs a thorough process. DO pack at least a week before your trip to avoid forgetting too much tings.

You packed your toiletries individually.
When you pack your toiletries, it should be in 100ml bottles and in clear bag. Toiletries are essential so it’s better to pack them inside your carry-on just in case you ran into an emergency layover and you won’t have toiletries for days. Plus, it’s easier to have them on long flights to keep yourself fresh.

You didn’t pack your clothes according to events.
The key to travelling is being efficient. If you don’t pack things according to your events, you’ll consume time which is a vital part of travelling. It’s better to lose time while you’re sightseeing than to lose time picking the right outfit. Makes sense?

You did not roll your clothes.
Rolling your clothes is better than folding it. Rolling saves space and prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled. You wouldn’t have time to iron clothes on your trip, would you?

You packed your shoes wrong.
When packing shoes, don’t just place the shoes in you luggage without covering them. Since you’ve used your shoes, dirt is stuck under it and you wouldn’t want to spoil your clean clothes by placing dirty shoes. Try a packing cube / packing organizer for your shoes.

You did not bring a laundry bag.
An extra bag is needed for your laundry as it’s not right to pack your dirty clothes with your clean clothes, is it?

You overly packed your suitcase.
This is why we need to pack at least a few days before the trip. You cannot put your whole closet and bring it with you in your trip. Your outfits needed to be properly planned and packed well. Your cannot afford to have a ruined luggage, could you? Well, that’s what will happen if you stuff everything in your suitcase.

If you’ve been packing your bags all wrong then we hope that this list can help you pack your bags right. Remember, if you pack your luggage wrong, the trip wouldn’t be fun and you’ll end up losing time.