7 Must-Have Items for Female Travelers

Travelling is one of the things people are stressed about. Well, not the reaching the destination but being on the journey, may it be on the road or on the plane ride. It is always best to keep everything you need handy especially when you’re away from home.

Being women, we need to bring a lot of stuff. We need something for our hair, body, nails, toenails, etc. However, when travelling we cannot bring all our things because it may be the whole closet or even everything we own. So just to make it easier for us, women, we came up with the 7 most essential things a woman should bring when she travels.

1.    A very comfy outfit.
⦁    Travelling is all about the comfort. It should be light on the body and your luggage as well. When you bring your lighter outfit, not only will you feel comfortable when wearing it but it also maximizes your luggage’s weight.

2.    One jacket/coat or cardigan.
⦁    You shouldn’t be bringing ALL of your outerwear. Remember, outerwear is the heaviest and you don’t want to waste your baggage’s weight allowance just for jackets. Be sure to choose a neutral colour so that it won’t be hard to whip up a whole outfit with it.

3.    Dry shampoo.
⦁    Do you remember the days when you needed to bring liquid shampoo and conditioner? And since you will be always on-the-go to be able to save time, having a dry shampoo handy makes perfect sense.

4.    Very comfortable shoes.
⦁    (Yes, we said very comfortable) Travelling entails a lot of walking and sightseeing. Make sure to bring a pair of comfortable shoes. You won’t like to cut your trip short just because you have swollen feet right?

5.    Toiletries.
⦁    When you say toiletries, the essentials when you take a shower like shower gel, lotion, deo, and your monthly stuff (sanitary napkins or tampons). Make sure to put all liquid in 100ml bottles to prevent it for getting confiscated by TSA.

6.    Power juice.
⦁    Or in other terms, battery pack, power bank, etc. Always have a fully charged gadget especially your phone or camera. You wouldn’t want to miss memories by taking pictures, would you?

7.    Packing cubes.
⦁    Or travelling organizers. This is the most important thing to carry. You need to separate your newly washed clothes from the clothes you already wore. Also, it is better to organize your stuff per bag in order to be able to get what you need without having to go fish for it in your luggage.

These things are highly recommended an easier and lighter baggage. Also, when you have these essentials on your list, packing will be easier.