Long hauled flights? How to patiently endure them and what are the things you need every time.

And so, you’re so excited to be travelling in another country! Wow! This may be your first time, twice or thrice going all the way to Los Angeles and you’re coming from Singapore!
Imagine 16 hours confined in a small area (well, depends on what aircraft you’re taking) but what are you going to do for 16 hours (except for sleeping)?

Here are some tips in what to do when taking a long-hauled flight:
Make sure you prepared a good packing for this.
-    Smart packing is important when taking long-hauled flights. This is to make sure that you have clothes to wear, some snacks to eat or even have things to keep you entertained in this long flight duration (and if there is an unexpected stop).
Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids.
-    Being 37,000 ft above may cause your skin to be dry and the cabin air may also be the cause of your skin and lips to be dry. So, don’t take water for granted.
Bring your skin essentials.
-    Bringing your skin care is a must in long-hauled flights. This is like previously mentioned, the cabin air can dry your skin so it’s better to have your skin care on hand than have a problem with your complexion.
Bring something to read or play with
-    16 hours is quite of a period to be idle. Bring your important gadgets like your laptop, tablet, phone and power bank just in case you have entertainment in those or reports to take care of. Bringing a book may help the bore of too!
Take time to sleep.
-    Exciting it might seem but don’t forget to rest and get some sleep. Your destination might have a different timezone so make sure you have had a good rest i=while in transit to keep your energy up when you arrive.