6 Rules to Minimalist Travelling

Travelling to another place may make you feel this is your time to relax and unwind but when you think of it, travelling requires thorough planning from the day you decide to the day you come back home.
A lot of people feel stressed because when they think about the responsibility, it overwhelms them.

Travelling should not cause you anxiety and stress just because you will need to prepare for it. That is why we came up of a list of rules you will need for a carefree travel.

1.    Make a list of what you NEED to bring.
    Go down to the basics. Ask yourself, “what do I need to bring” not what you want to bring. List all the essentials in detail such as underwear, toiletries, meds and supplements you will need.
2.    Be sure to bring all your travel-sized items.
    Keep all your things small if possible. Remember, you need to bring only the necessities so it won’t make sense if you’ll be bringing a large bottle of shampoo.
3.    Keep all gadgets in one container.
    It is logical to put all your gadgets in one bag or pouch (packing cubes are recommended) and make sure it’s easy access to you.
4.    Wear slip on shoes and don’t forget to bring socks in your carry-on.
    Wearing slip ons are recommended especially when travelling internationally as most of airports ask to take your shoes off.
5.    Wear your heaviest item.
    Don’t pack heavy coats or jackets as it will only take up space and weight in your baggage. Make sure to where them so that you can give space for something much important.
6.    Don’t pack clothes more than one week’s worth.
    Make sure you only pack clothes that could last for one week. This is for impromptu events and packing more than one week’s worth is not space-saving and efficient.