navigating travel reservations gone wrong handy guide

Travel Reservations Gone Wrong: A Handy Travel Guide

It been months since you’ve reserved everything for your travel however in that unexpected moment you are on your way to your destination, everything just goes wrong.
Maybe the computer failed? Maybe the person who made the reservation made a mistake?
What are you supposed to do?

Here are tips to bounce back from that wrong reservation:
1.    Stay calm and look for options.
⦁    Travelling should be as smooth as sailing as possible. Complaining over spilled milk won’t bring any help on the situation. The best thing to do is to look for several options like look for a new flight schedule or a new hotel room that would suit you.

2.    Fall in line.
⦁    If the airport is a major hub, the major airlines will have actual customer service counters staffed with the people that can get the situation fixed for you. Find those counters and get in line. While you are in line, also call the airline. This way, you have both methods of communication going and one may be much faster than the other.

3.    Never assume until your new reservations are confirmed.
⦁    It is easy to just say thank-you and go away when the staff tells you it is all done but never leave without having tickets or at least some type of confirmation that shows your ticket numbers and confirmed flights.

4.    Be nice to the person on the phone or the staff at the counter.
⦁    It may be frustrating but remember that these people have been experiencing this kind of complain all the time. Make sure you still talk to them nicely and respectfully as they can help you sort these things out. Don’t make a fuss over the mistake. Remember, they too are just human like you.