How to Have an Impeccably Packed Suitcase

Bringing a lot of luggage for a 3-day trip is not practical. Think of the heavy bags you have to push and the price of excess baggage you have to pay just for a 3-day trip! You don’t need your whole closet just for a 3-day trip (except if you’re a model wo has a shoot in your destination).

One (or maybe two) suitcase/s can carry the things you need for your trip. If you don’t know where to start on when it comes to packing your luggage, here are 5 tips to have an impeccably packed suitcase.

1. Make a list.
Just like Santa Claus or your mom, you need an organized list of what to bring while traveling.

2. Make your list slimmer (if you can!)
Yes, we know you have those unnecessary things on your list. So, think of the most important things you need while you’re on the trip. No, you don’t need to bring your pillow.
Be smart on the things you’ll be bringing. Remember to pack light.

3. Make it the right order.
When you pack your things, make sure to put them in your luggage by size or by occasion. Also, don’t forget to roll your clothes when packing, to minimize wrinkling.

4. Make use of available space.
What does this mean? Use every space available. For example, your shoes. Don’t waste the space inside your shoes. You can put a bottle of lotion to avoid the lotion bottle from leaking or spilling on your clothes.

5. Make it practical
For example, you put your purse in another larger tote bag. Why, you need to have a contingency that if you purchased stuff from your trip, there will be a space available by the time you’re going home. Don’t allow yourself to purchase extra baggage.

Flying should be a relaxation and not a stressor! We hope that these tips can help you feel at ease on you next vacation!