6 Do’s and Don’ts When Travelling

It is not sensible to bring your whole closet when travelling especially if you are going to your destination for a minimal amount of time. Every traveler always knows that it is a must to travel light.
Here are 6 things to do and don’t when you travel:

1.    Don’t bring multiple types of clothing.
    Bringing one piece of every type of clothing (except socks and underwear) is a must when travelling. You don’t need to bring multiples as it only will add up to your baggage weight and trust us, you won’t need any more than one type.
2.    Don’t bring a lot of make-up.
    This is applicable to women who might then bring their whole dresser. Remember, bring the necessary make-up you need. If you’re going to the beach, you might not need that much, (maybe sunscreen).
3.    Don’t bring too much valuable things.
    Going on a vacation does not require you to bring a lot of jewelry. If you can avoid bringing them, then it’s better. Bringing valuables can make you forget them and lose them.
4.    Do bring necessary toiletries.
    Toiletries are needed to be packed in your hand carry just in case you get an emergency layover. Bring the important ones like soap, shampoo, lotion, alcohol and sunscreen but pack them in 100ml bottles.
5.    Do pack your prescriptions.
    Never forget your prescriptions when travelling. It is better to bring the medicines you need because you might not be able to find them in country you’ll be visiting.
6.    Do bring a small bag or a purse.
    Travelling entails a lot of walking and it’s better to bring a small bag where you can put in your travel documents and identification while you’re in another country. It’s better to have them on-hand all the time.
Travelling should not be stressful and thus, should be enjoyable and less-stress for you. Following these do’s and don’ts will not only give you ease but also will make you efficient when travelling.